Work and play observations

Thanks. I looked at that and thought it wasn’t quite up to my dream.
I may be wrong.



lovely, well found
I have asked Chris to add the tag
Tristan Causer (grizzly) left in 2014 - I have asked for a Curation tag
Shane Boulton (xmark1234) also left that year and I have asked for a Curation tag

And another

Yes, thanks. I have asked for a Curational tag.

I hope this fits the bill as, believe me, it was very difficult to get the first photo with me in it!


Surely… have added the request…

Possible contender if you change the order of the photos?

A maybe?
Definite? and

Yes to those, thanks. We need some up to date ones

All done by Miked - thanks
Even Phone-cams have self timers
C’mon take a few extra photos

I’ll have to take some of mine DOWN from the project - it is NOT a personal Project!

Animal lover.

Please add the failing invitation tag work&play

Some new faces/ possible contenders?

certainly looks good to me for the tag, though observer has not been active on the site since she posted her beetle as far as I can see. Can we ask Miked to add it in this case?

Agree both the others should use the tag, Jack by the Burn and False Morel (saves me trying to copy links!) Nice photos too. Go on and add work&play!

Yes, Miked can add the tag.
Another possibility?

This one is lovely, I see I missed it first time around. Rather good example for the tag!

I forgot about this one, observed in Nethy Bridge a few weeks ago.

I am in the image for scale! Work and play, seems reasonable?