Wrong Community

This entry https://www.ispotnature.org/communities/uk-and-ireland/view/observation/733407/ (from France) appears in the UK and Ireland community.

To see all the observations in the wrong community, merely to to COMMUNITY > OBSERVATION > MAP

The last 1000 will probably do, but click more and see 2000:

Southern Africa has

Listed as a bug at #423 on 4 July. and still not fixed.

The same has also been reported for an Australian bird (brahminy kite).

My hypothesis is that iSpot picks the community based on where your computer is, and falls to change it if you enter a location outside the community.


The others I cannot vouch for. But I find it really odd that the two users above would have any way that iSpot would have detected their computers in southern Africa.

More likely iSpot has just used the community that you were in on the computer when you posted the observation. But we do have lots of Marlanza’s postings from the UK that are showing in ZA, so it is more complicated than that.


It is worse that I could have imagined:
look at https://www.ispotnature.org/communities/uk-and-ireland/view/observation/733267/

ID 1 - global
ID 2 - UK


Even the IDs and dictionaries are not based on the locality, but on community that the observer posted it from. GROOT GEMORS!!!
This is really corrupting the data! Does the OU not care about any standards? This is pathetic beyond comprehension!


Of the five UK community observations from southern Africa, I cannot - Oh dear: I am in the UK community, and trying to add an ID for this gives me the UK dictionary: https://www.ispotnature.org/communities/uk-and-ireland/view/observation/731997/
changing community to southern Africa.
NO: Dictionary stays UK dictionary: How am I to post the correct ID? The Water Mongoose does not occur in the UK (unlike this observation)
But ID 1 was from the southern African dictionary: what went wrong?

Ditto https://www.ispotnature.org/communities/uk-and-ireland/view/observation/731995/ (posted a few minutes earlier).

Curiously these by different observers:
Ah -but they posted dud pictures without coordinates! So iSpot read the exif as blank and posted them into the UK dictionary. And their filling in the coordinates made no difference!!

No sorry: my ramblings are going nowhere. Still dont know what the causual nature of this bug is …

I have found that if I plan to submit an observation I simply change the community view and double check that I’m at the right spot before proceeding. It has worked for me this weekend

My previous observation was from the Northern Cape

AND I’ve also included an association for Tony Rebello

Yes: but you should not have to worry or even be aware of this.

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Yes: but you should not have to worry or even be aware of this.

That’s in a perfect world - I’m hoping it will come right eventually.
What I can’t remedy and still pine for are the days when I was told of Agreements and Comments :disappointed:

Think about adding some comment in new posts as new arrivals here have NO IDEA what this fuss is about. See my recent https://www.ispotnature.org/communities/uk-and-ireland/view/observation/733522/bog-cotton-sedge. We are making history and some of it should be seen in Observations, otherwise there will be no record.

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I am hoping that we will get a data dump for the ZA community at the end of the month …

OK, I lied. I am terrrified that I wont get a data dump for the ZA community at the end of the month, or that what I will get will be useless, or a shadow of what it should be.


If I do, I will generate a changes page for southern African users.
Sorry, other communities - but I dont get your data - my apologies.

15 days to go …

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Loved your link to the Frog - this is where iSpot is so special.

You’ll be jumping with joy and saying “I told you so”.
I photographed a fungus on a tree in Pimlico (Borough of Westminster), Thought I’d be smart and entered the grid reference on iSpot.
Later went to check if there had been any response (still no notifications) - and saw it was on the
Southern Africa latest observations (Wrong Community)
7940 Fungus Pimlico 2017-07-28

Also appearing Help confirm global observations
7940 Fungus Pimlico 2017-07-28
Also I didn’t check - (no longer a confirm option) so missed the fact that there was no species ID - may have fallen asleep, or is this also a bug? - busy day!!

May I suggest, respectfully, that were IN the ZA Community when you wrote the post? Well, I have (suggested it).
So, as a trial, make absolutely certain that you are browsing and IN the UK&I then add the post again - please?
This has happened to me recently when accidently browsing Global (you only need to VISIT a community to be IN it)
You get locked in a community by simply opening a post in the Help with Carousel
Apart from all that it MUST be a bug, I’d prefer to accept it as sloppy programming, because you obviously placed the location IN the UK.
as a mater of interest I never use the Grid System as I am always afraid of a mistake, so I use the map, it is almost as quick.

I’ve taken to guessing the approximate position of my obs on the initial map which is presented, in my case subSaharan Africa which means they should end up in the correct country (assuming I’m in the correct community) but all those zillions of decimal places are just confetti, not good precision nor very professional but at this juncture I have to admit I’m not overly concerned.

Thanks dejayM. I do know to change my community so that this won’t happen.
But Tony believes that this shouldn’t happen, so did it his way and it did - but the next post Xanthoria was fine.
I really do need someone to comment on the find. Better not delete this one, for fear of reprisals, but maybe just repost the pictures with a new heading.

Yes, of course and IF you post IN the UK and Observation is location in UK then it ought to be a UK&I, so Tony is quite right.
If you mention specific posts I, for one, will always go there and see if there is something obvious (apart from loving your observations of course)
7940 Fungus Pimlico 2017-07-28 - cannot find it because I am not good enough at searching or maybe iSpot is not good at finding Fungus Pimlico - it used to be,
So, for me, please add direct links to posts you mention, if you think I (maybe we) would like to see them.

I have missed something along the way.
Are you suggesting that placing a location on the map or, perhaps the Satpic, does NOT translate to the real place or that it has an unusual decimal-places count?
I mean - do your obs not relate to the position you mark on the map?
Looking at this (on the sat), say, the Ob is in someone’s (your?) Garden close to the corner of a nice house
BUT I notice it is before the prog. re-write. I used to be able to Track users to their last or any specific post

In the old system I was very particular about getting the location spot on but it was easy, just call up the closest named location and then tweak it using the map.

In the current system I have to start with a large map of Africa from the Congo south, if I use the ‘find a location’ facility and plug in the nearest large village/town, Mahalapye, then its in the dropdown memory but if I choose it I am presented with a featureless grey ‘map’. Changing it to satellite I find myself still in the middle of nowhere and zooming out I discover I’m some distance from the village and zooming out further to get better bearings I can then slowly hop the map in the right direction for my desired location which is not visible at that scale so then I start zooming in and hopping about until I get to the correct place. Rather time consuming and that’s just for the one ob., so I complete that and move to the next ob and start all over again.

I’m a reasonably patient person but this map hopping is just a little too much so now I start with the big Africa map and click onto a spot about a quarter of an inch up and left from a particular kink in the Limpopo, (which gives me 14 decimal points to the grid reference in vaguely the right place) and move on to details.

OK, that sounds like a pain and I am honestly sympathetic
You are doing this I s’pose - Map up and type in Gab - three letters…to the drop-down

I could find your house quite quickly there and then refine it with the Sat
This seems to me to be easier than what I do at the moment as iSpot has my default location EVERY time I make an observation, wherever i want to go - including Botswana!
Obviously I’d like an index of my common locations but three or four letters in the Find Location seems a near dream
Of course I tried the Limpopo

Ha…you’ve agreed to my Fish! Nice move!
What on Earth are the Circular plots on the Sat?