403 error - is it just me?

yes, but it is not all that well known
I often use it deliberately in the Forum, so as not to generate an illustrated link as in lavateraguy’s above
And that you can anything after the trailing slash
https://www.ispotnature.org/communities/uk-and-ireland/view/observation/846741/ absolute garbage
I suspect it still does not open from here though. Well not for me it doesn’t
PC Win10 Chrome

Yes, the use of the title in the link doesn’t make a lot of sense to me - its the ID that’s vital as that is unique whereas the text need not be.
That link works fine for me. Have you tried other browsers?

I agree about titles. I have removed them all from the New Indeces and from most of my Projects - been doing it for years
PLEASE though Chris, don’t tamper!
i wont install another Browser until MORE people join in here!
But I’ll try my Laptop with one of the lesser known ones

It seems that no-one in HQ has this issue
There are only three of us in this discussion only two with the problem.
Chris is adamant “Neither ** nor I are experiencing any of these issues. I’m not getting or seeing any other error reports.”
No-one else is reporting issues then…
I may try a different Browser this eve.

I MUST say it’s very off-putting, it will stop half my activity and I will need to step back.
Too many links are generating 403 - Forbidden and the Tracker is particularly frustrating.

Logging out and logging back in doesn’t do any good, but manually clearing the cookies for ispotnature.com and then logging back in seems to have done the trick.

Since there were a lot of people having the problem on Friday I suspect that the cookie format got changed (perhaps temporarily).

I did report the same problems 3 days ago and have been reading the thread ever since.
I have tried the private tab and got to read the observations linked to and so on.

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i tried Opera - it worked a treat
I ran a repair for Chrome without uninstalling.
I ran a deep-Cookie cleaner - a trial version AVGs CookieMonster
I seem to be out of the woods. But there were a lot of people suffering similar issues, including Miked, on Friday (start of this thread)

OK - I took another route - probably easier with the SA community - I found the observation/s and was able to read the comment - so that’s not the problem,

It’s still not working, using Firefox

Have you cleared your cookies for the ispotnature.org domain? If not, given by other users’ experience, that may well cure the issue. For Firefox, see:

I have used cCleaner for maybe 12 years.
It is highly recommended and has never let me down
My mistake may have been to RETAIN two of the iSpot Cookies (this option is suggested for some of the Bank ones).
It is a simple matter to remove Cookies one by one, trial and error.
I did not do that, I just removed all my stored ones.
cCleaner simply removes the ones not deliberately retained - I run it after most online sessions and several times a day. There are three perpetual and insistent iSpot Cookies
Quite pointedly this is suggested in the Panel to the right as I type…
"You’ve posted more than 32% of the replies here, is there anyone else you would like to hear from?"

It’s not clear where and why things were going wrong, but possibly the error code should have been 400 Bad Request (the code predates cookies, but it seems to have been extended to cover malformed cookies) rather than 403 Forbidden/404 Not Found.

I too use CCleaner but only rarely use it to clear cookies - just all the caches. I use Chrome as my main browser and that has the ability to clear all cookies for a given domain.

Thanks for that Chris. I’d tried before (as per previous comments) & set the ispotnature.org cookies to 0; but it failed, as I’d not noticed the ‘Save Changes’ tab. So now, with ‘Save Changes’ it seems to be working perfectly

It’s back. I can’t look at any observations.

Check the Gremlins thread Sue and click :question:NEED HELP in the Project Panel