A fun thing for JoC - 4

With this one you need to look for the fruit, the trailing plant and sausage-shaped succulent leaves. (leaves are rolled under)
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See what Fernkloof says about the knobs between the wings of the fruit…

I need to stop here - I want to post one of my observations from Cape Point that may help with the shape of the fruit.

There’s a good picture of the fruits on Wikipedia. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tetragonia_fruticosa

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Yes they are a very common sight on the Cape shoreline.The plants and flowers can be quite variable but the fruit has the little bit in the angle of the wings - wasn’t sure if this was clear in the picture.

Then you may like to follow my current task - the finds of one day trip into the mountains of the south Peninsula - tag Blackhill_2003_10_26
I went with friends to find the Spider Orchid, but photographed other plants willy-nilly along the way. I did GPS readings for many, then with passing years and changing computers some data seems to have been lost.
Looks as if there may be quite a few interesting species probably Red Listed; looks like there may have been a few fires lately - THEN my friends are now well into their 80’s and may not get back to follow up. But at least we have these as a record, and the trail we followed is quite clear on the Google and Bing maps .

Ok, the 2003 trip it is. We’re all social distancing here. 8000 + miles seems a respectable distance.

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And is keeping me busy.