A small mystery -

Back on 2 October 2021, I posted a comment about a ‘failed’ ID by a new user (who lasted just one day, long enough to gain her course credit, I suspect).
I forgot to revisit it (I am still unsure whether to correct IDs, or give others the chance).
14 months later, Aldcameron came to the rescue: he added the comment ‘To validate’ in the notes. So it seems likely that, as of earlier today, the ID was still invalid.
But now, it appears valid. Anyone know why?

The “Likely ID” flags are re-calculated overnight and with Aldcameron having a much higher reputation score than sarahandthebees, even without the two agreements, the “Likely ID” flag will have moved from one ID to the other. Does that answer the question?

No: I am pretty sure I would have added my comment only if the ID was ‘invalid’ - no links; not simply lacking the ‘likely’ tag. I’m assuming from the revised ID that Aldcameron thought likewise.