A video about the scientific community misidentifying species

The Snail We Misidentified More Than 100 Times - YouTube

If only they had had the benefit of iSpot!

Interesting; over the years I’ve identified some of those littorinids mentioned as different species which now, it seems, are not different. I looked at the WoRMS site and (as at 2022-09-18) it says this…
The Littorina saxatilis complex has a great variability; the nomenclature and the systematics are very controversial.
WoRMS does list a lot of synonised names…
I could not see that the video clip has a date of publication anywhere; that seems relevant for a science publication.
And now, of corse, to see if iSpot updated disctionary has taken account of the amalgamation of the L. saxatilis group.
Always something new to keep us happily busy.

Later (well not much later) I am amazed that iSpot reports there are no observations of Littorina saxatilis. It seems you can only find them by searching for rough periwinkle; dj’s post here https://www.ispotnature.org/communities/uk-and-ireland/view/observation/796319/rough-periwinkle
explores in more detail. Phew, I was begining to wonder about no posts of L. saxatilis…
But another question has now arisen; the post referred to above has the title Rough periwinkle. So we cannot tell what latin name dj originally put in the ID box - which has been updated (indicated by the rollover symbol). The option Littorina saxatilis still appears in the drop down ID for a new observation.

Quite an entertaining video! DNA is certainly making a big difference to our understanding of taxonomy.

Yes. How long before it becomes something we can do on the desktop at home? Or in the field?

Speaking of misidentification or similar I get notifications when emails from the forum bounce, I suspect this is usually because the person’s email has changed and not been updated on ispot.
So a reminder to everyone to check if the email they used to sign up to ispot is still current, I can change the email for you if it is not up to date.

We need to highlight the work done by @Chris_Valentine as often as possible, lest it be fogotten
Go to my Observation, linked by JoC (above) and find the Rollover icon (not clickable). It’s a clever feature, forgotten and overlooked by most and hardly mentioned by anyone. It was designed (coded) by Chris to show where the 2022 Dictionary Update did its stuff. I originally ID’d it as Littorina saxatilis but the Dictionary Update reassigned it.

Thanks. Noted that all ispot posts with ID of Littorina saxatilis have been « rolled over » to Littorina saxatilis/ arcana. That’s a group which currently has 19 posts.