About ERICAS of South Africa

Found this link when looking for a contact address for Ross Turner
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Some gems from the Ericas Blog.

*Even the most experienced of botanists find some Ericas a challenge to identify.

*Erica recurvata, once known only from a botanical illustration. This critically endangered species was however rediscovered in 2007 in the southern Overberg by botanist Ross Turner. It grows like bonsai trees in cracks in rocky outcrops, where the plants are protected from fire.

*The extraordinary diversity of different Erica blooms are adapted to a variety of different specialist pollinators. There’s a splendid picture of the Orange Breasted Sunbird pollinating Erica coccinea.

*Three Erica species from the Cape lowlands teeter at the brink of extinction, being classified as extinct in the wild. They (only) survive in cultivation.

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Ross was so supportive when we were trying to ‘fill the gaps’ in our Peninsula list We may well be proud of his achievements and his mentor Ted Oliver.