About the SENSE project

@Janice_A @miked
Wondering if the observations from the Cape taken after a fire would be of interest for the project.
Especially this photo, showing the texture of the sandstone soil.
I find it quite amazing how they survive - many triggered by the fire - especially the Orchids.

An overall view of what we saw this day is linked by the date tag.
I’m still adding more pictures.
iSpot allows the magnification to show so many features.
The restios seen in most of the images probably play an important role Needs an expert to explain

I suggest that the School’s project needs formalising IN the school. That a tutor (teacher) be nominated to register in iSpot and lay a long term project for the School. If twas me (and I was given time and space). I would look, for example, where there was a bonfire and watch it with yr6 though the weeks, months and years They would pass the data with photos to the next yr6. All schools have weed patches! School rules would prevent the Children getting their hands dirty of course. But they all have cameras and most of them can write and user a ruler by that time!

It so much depends on the particular teacher and their enthusiasm given the huge pile of other work and crowd control of the kids.

Yes, in some ways the whole thing seems doomed. A shame.

Actually the project has been running for some time with other activities before the biodiversity fieldwork. The kids have very much enjoyed the activities and engaged with them.