About Wildlife artwork

Cause I’m good at drawing I come across people that want to see them and in some cases actually would like my drawings if it’s ok for them to take them sometimes

Iv had my drawings put up in hospitals before when iv gone for an appointment as a child and as a teenager but also other people have wanted them and put them up or kept them aswell and some people actually want me to do drawings for them sometimes So I sometimes do drawings for other people too rather than just keep all my drawings to myself. and then in the house I’m in they have asked if I could do drawings for an activity they were going to be doing for the others in the house

Next when I went on holiday to the Forest of Dean a few years ago we visited Godricks castle and I did some drawings while I was there one of mine was a castle and the man who works there said it looks identical and you could recognise it right away. I said would you like it cause I can easily do another one? He said yes so I said yes and he took it to do something with it.

Iv now come across another scenario of the same I went to Highfield today and told someone that works there I do Wildlife drawings so I was wondering if highfield would like them and she said yes she said we would need to talk to the manager or the infomation desk we went to have a cake outside then I did a drawing in case they do have a board or anything I only had 5 minutes to draw but it did it. We asked the people at the infomation desk I said I’m good at drawing and wondered if you would like them I showed her the picture and she said yes Mum asked if they have a board or anything to put them up on they said no Im thinking of asking if they would like it anyway even if they don’t have one next time I go.

So iv been thinking of possibly makeing my drawings more available publicly for people to see other than just on the I spot forum maybe sending them on flkr, art work competitions maybe like Wildlife art competition or to things where peoples Wildlife drawings could contribute to conservation or anyone that could do with or make use of my Wildlife artwork and but does anyone have any ideas of any places or Wildlife organisations or just any ideas in general To use my talent and put it out there abit more than I am at the moment?

My wife, who is an artist, uses Red Bubble. Worth looking into?
I’ve put some of my photos on there though I admit that I’ve not sold any… but it’s a great way of getting some of them turned into greetings cards or notebooks for example.

You could try putting them on social media, like Instagram or Twitter, or there are art websites like Painters Online and Artists and Illustrators where you can get feedback and advertise your work for sale, though there’s a monthly fee for that.