Add Observation

…I can’t. Same problem as last week, photo’s either don’t upload or take a very long time to do so.

I’ve just come to it but the site is running badly. Some people have uploaded today but I cannot Add photo either. I have mailed Admin @miked
Try reducing a picture by a huge amount (I sometime HAVE to do that) and see it it will upload, you can change them via edit later

Thanks for the advice Derek but I don’t know what “reducing a picture” means.

I also don’t want to create any more work than is necessary; once my observations have received iSpot ID’s, agreements, etc, I then upload them to another recording site, which is quite time consuming and, occasionally, a trial in its own rights.


You managed Bittercress and I see they are a decent size - maybe 2Mb pictures. We don’t see your sizes but you do when loading them. iSpot works quite well with pictures at just less than 1Mb. Most photo-software offers Resize. I am often forced to do that - my camera pix are up to 6 even 7Mb and used to lead OK but not now. I use resize to bring pictures to less than 1mb, probably down 700kb a chore and unsatisfactory for quality.
If you Resize then save the picture under a new name IMG3456 small (for example) otherwise you will overwrite the original.
Like you, I “don’t want to create any more work than is necessary” and it’s all a bore. Admin seem to think that this problem may not be fixable for a while. They were hoping for a hardware update but I don’t think it has been done.