Adding images to an existing entry

How do you add new images to an existing entry.

I have been trying to add some additional images to

but although I can click on edit and get the image page I cannot see a way to add a new image. There is some text at the bottom which says “Select images to upload” but clicking on it has no discernible effect.

Suspect I am missing some feature.

You are @DavidHowdon. I think you can load one in by Adding Image but here is the cool way.

No such box appears on my screen merely the unclickable text as described in my post.

Exactly the same issue occurs when trying to update

OK. Can’t help more.But maybe 13 is the limit?

NO 10 is the limit -but you get an error message if you try.

Your 13 is from before the new version, when there were no limits. (One user posted 50 images - from egg through larval stages to butterfly with food plants and etc. No longer possible!!

This is a bug, but I am not certain what caused it or how to reproduce it. Perhaps clear your cache and try again.

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