Adding tags to Observations

Auto suggestion for tags is driving me mad.Trying to add "woodland edge " to Obs.after woo get suggestion and cursor needs replacing.This just continues so it takes about 10 clicks to add 8 letters.By the time I have managed to type woodland edge I get the correct suggestion.Since starting this have had Four pop ups saying this post is similar to others .It is not .

I’ve had that experience trying to tag “plant galls”. Now I type the words I want in Notes and copy and paste them to iSpot. It’s sort of insane, but saves frustration!

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The list of tags need frequent curation. Tags must be kept to the absolute minimum to be meaningful. It should not include a tag like “Old bleached snail shell for ID please” or localities and dates.

Bug # 383 - on the old iSpot matches for “wo ed” would have found Woodland edge. This search functionality has been fixed for the ID box, but not the tag box.

This is an entirely different story. However, since the Sept 2014 "up"grade I have been unable to move comments placed in tags into the Notes (“description”) box.

We have asked for a tag module for curators, but it will not come with this rewrite so we wont have it until 2018 at the earliest.

We have also asked that users with projects could add tags to observations they think would qualify (and that users should be alerted in their CHANGES to any tags added, so that they can decide if they want them or not). But we have had no comments or replies or acknowledgement of this suggestion.

But even curators cannot just delete the tags. Where tags were added because the box “Description” is so misleading -
( “Notes” would be more useful, and an explanation for what the box is for would really help too. see bug # 485) the curator should move the tag to an appropriate box (e.g. description, or location notes) and leave curating notes whenever a change is made. A big issue is the confusion with hashtags: on iSpot tags are links to collections, hashtags should be in the description box (at least until a separate field for hashtags is created - if desired).