Aizoaceae - new concepts - TAXON Article (2017)

Disentangling the Aizooideae: New generic concepts and a new subfamily in Aizoaceae

Hopefully both old and new names can be accessed via GBIF?

GBIF does hold on to old names for a while. iNaturalist has quite a few Taxonomist/curators. I have had a few names (not Aizooideae) updated by them. It seems, once the decision is made there, GBIF is updated.

I frequently link to the Linnean Herbarium, but they only work with the old names - but it’s fun to see how these records have stood the test of time.
This observation of a well known Protea has some of my favourite links

Wondering what they have done about the Massonia we found at Cape Point.

Mo has promised to get back this year - but will probably post elsewhere.
Wondering how John Manning got this on iSpot?

iSpot has produced a great platform for the amateur botanist of the Cape Peninsula, It’s a pity so many were persuaded to drop out. :o(

I now I wonder how YOU formed the ID with just the Common name.
It seems not to be in the Browser or Dictionary.
All links lead to Massonia echinata
The iNat ‘solution’ is here -
Is it time then for the SANBI dictionary to be replaced by the CoL?

But when they moved/copied/relocated the iSpot observations did they update the name? Jayne, Vynbos and Mo should be there. May be others. All on the Peninsula at the Lime Kiln.