Amellus asteroides and the Unknown Pollinator

@dejayM @miked
Spotted this attributed to iSpot.
The Unknown Pollinator, deserving to be honoured, represents its class on this flower with dignity
(Holm, 2008; iSpot).

Who was Holm? I couldn’t find this post.

Thanks for the heads up and the subsequent half hour of deep research!
I think you’ll find that the Holm ref is separate from the iSpot one (by a semicolon)
(Holm, 2008; iSpot).
This Holm is difficult to track down
But it might be Heather

I hope so…
Below was a rare duplicate - unusual for the forum

Thanks dejay. This may well be the person - the insect is probably lost.
I (incorrectly) thought the post was about the flower .