An evolving issue

To the SW of the intended location.
I have tried different ways of getting to the spot - dragging the map, using a grid reference, or searching for a place. All produce the same problem.
I saw from the comments variously that PlantNet seems to have become self-aware…

I don’t know whether it is something to do with where Google has your default location. I discovered that it thought that I was in Oxfordshire for some obscure reason. I googled how to move it and now it is only about 50m out.

I’ve just posted a photo from home (first for a while). The map picked up my home location (as usual), but it has also relocated it to the now-traditional south-west.

Perhaps it’s trying to tell you something - ‘Go West, young man’.

Thanks so much and apologies for my carelessness. I had assumed, quite wrongly, that the Location Title was unconnected to the positioning so I will be very careful in future to ensure the title shows the correct location. I will also allow Google to know my location and make sure that our mobile phone (which is kept in the car) also has Location on. Very many thanks for your help, as always. Joyce.

That MAY not be the case…I was trying to imply that we need make certain our locations are, more or less, correct. The Location Title may not influence the various servers but if admin needs to edit a Location (they have done a LOT in recent times), it proves VERY useful to know where users intended to locate the Observation.
Golf course (as my example) may not be very good but St Mary’s Church, Orchardleigh is VERY useful
I also tried to suggest that Location details are quite useful when wanting to add ‘stuff’ like Immediate Habitat details for example ‘actually on the 18th green’ or ‘IN the canal itself’ (say)

It’s so true that I spend much more time and trouble trying to mark the exact spot on the map than describing the area in the Location Title as for example on the Route 24 cycle path which is around 22 miles so I shall have to find local landmarks to make the title more precise. Would it be useful do you think for admin if I added the grid reference to the Location Notes as an extra back up?

Probably. It also serves to remind YOU when you come to edits
This is no BIG thing. I was picking up on others’ difficulties in precise locating.
I recent months a few of us were given LONG (several hundred) lists of Observations that had faulty locations, some in the wrong continent or miles out to sea. Not all were user errors but plenty were.
We had HUGE trouble correcting them when all we had to go-by, was ‘on the porch’ or nothing. In many cases we had to look at users Obs made the same day. I was NO fun honest.

Beyond all that I do think we should use the Location Panel more effectively. I used to add a Geograph Location tag in there (like Parish Church of St. Mary, Orchardleigh © Roger Gittins cc-by-sa/2.0 :: Geograph Britain and Ireland) but that is no longer possible - a real shame!

I’m so very sorry to have caused extra work, unforgiveable, and will do everything I can to avoid giving problems in the future.