An old Lost Observation has been reinstated

@dejayM @miked Thanks to @Chris_Valentine I presume.
and no intervention was required despite the agreements by some high-ranked experts.

The name is still unresolved and GBIF has it as a Synonym of: Osyris compressa (P.J.Bergius) A.DCSearch
This is indeed a breakthrough, but we still need to address the lost observations that are no longer linked to the dictionary.
I found this observation serendipitously in a Google search.
I never expected this - so many thanks to the Team

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I looked it up in POWO which you have alerted us to in another forum post. it has original line drawings.

I think that POWO is going to be very useful; thanks for the alert.

I have found discrepancies at POWO because of Global duplicate names, that’s where GBIF shows it’s strength. But nowadays I always go to POWO first and let iSpot link to GBIF.
JSTOR (compilation) is also very useful where they have the entry from FLORA CAPENSIS collection housed at the Kew Herbarium.

What I like about POWP is that, (at least this entry I have highlighted), has descriptions of the species. Taxonomic anomolies I can cope with or even enjoy, but for some ispot posts a description is needed so I can compare before agreeing.

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