Android identification apps

I’ve just invested in a new tablet from Curry’s sale as the old one was reaching the end of its life (old Android version that doesn’t support Seek, unreliable SD card connection, dodgy battery management software perhaps reflecting an aging battery, insufficient memory, and occasional failures of the system UI locking me out until the battery runs down).

Can anyone suggest any wildlife identification apps that work without internet access.(I’ve downloaded Seek and Merlin to try out.)

For plants, only Seek works without internet.

I like it. It’s cautious and stops before species if it’s not sure.

That BSBI article only reviews a few of the 50 or more plant identification apps now available on Android. Leaf Snap, for example, is a popular one that they didn’t review. (A passerby’s Leaf Snap failed on a Carduus crispus at Doxey Marshes last autumn, which is when I first became aware of it.)

I do expect that most apps will rely on an online server, but Seek manages to pack the app and neural network into 350Mb so there is scope for other apps to work offline as well. It would however limit the ability to show images and other data.

I may not have fully understood
But you will need an Internet connection to use these apps. That suggest that your new tab needs a Cell connection, a SIM slot and data services or a WiFi connection.

Anyone contemplating a Cell connection for this type of activity might consider LABARA who currently have a SIM only deal for 1GB for .99p a month.
Labara uses the Voda network and I have one just for a few texts and calls and these Apps. I have had it for 4 months and NEVER use more than 1GB.
Of course I do not do Online dating, nor streaming Celebrity Islands
LABARA is good, ask around and read the reviews
I have reread “Seek manages to pack the app and neural” I imagine that would be flawed because it might need very regular and hefty updating. Better to buy a very cheap Smartphone and a Labara SIM?
You can link the phone to the tab via B’tooth, that WOULD be worth a try

Gosh… not like RI then!
but I agree, even in iNat-live (uses SEEK) it is sensible

If it does (and I wouldn’t be surprised) that can be done using home WiFi.