Anonimity: lack thereof

A very minor issue, compared to the many other coding problems I’ve wittered on about in the past.
But I notice that, even when the user has adopted a nom d’internet, their real name appears in the e-mail header when I receive a notification of their forum post. Surely that rather defeats the object?

As a f’rinstance, Bluebirdresearch added a comment to Etiquette question. But the e-mail notification was headed with his real name.
E-mails relating to others, who have not given their real names in their profile, will be headed with their pseudonym.
As I say, a very minor issue.

I hadn’t realised that but personally am not bothered by it, just for the record. However, I appreciate that some people might well be, and still others might reach for their GDPR digest to see if there’s a sub-clause that might allow them to sue the OU for breach of confidentiality and privacy.

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I do not receive or see such mails (don’t subscribe) but I do think this is worth @miked’s and @Janice_A’s attention.
I have openly published, in iSpot, a working email address for anyone who wishes to contact me. Almost no-one does and I have never received Spam at that address.

I’m being a bit over-cautious, I think: but recent experiences outside of iSpot have reminded me how unaware many people seem to be of various internet privacy issues.
iSpot does seem to be something of an oasis of calm in that respect: either spam filtering or assiduous Admin means that I haven’t seen any unwanted content for some time.

In this particular instance the system seems to be working correctly and not showing anything that is not publicly available elsewhere on the site. It is simply showing it in a way that might initially seem a bit odd.

If you attempt to anonymise email senders it makes it more likely the email will be regarded as SPAM.