Anyone used Project Noah?

Project Noah is a “global citizen science platform to discover, share and identify wildlife”. It sounds like iSpot. Has anyone used it?

No, ah hivnae! (Sorry, couldn’t resist :slight_smile: )

I have, just now.

It’s been running for at least 7 years and I have looked at it before
It is not an easy process and I am not holding my breath for a response, though it’s already been faved!
It is very informal, most of what I have seen is not very er…scientific.
The all-too familiar 5 yr old question
As it is so Worldly, living on a Northern Isle I will get ignored - I will be particularly bad at that!
I feel that everyone here should sign up to iNat. Maybe not use it for posting but to help with their own ones here.
Quite a few have done that already.

This is the Ark although it’s not called that…

I’ve looked at the first few pages of photos without joining. It has a very high standard of photography, largely professional quality.

I did ages ago, but it has a prohibition on images of dead things which makes it pretty close to useless for serious entomology so I gave up.