Archeological Find

A friend has found two stones that look as if they have been worked. The local museum’s archaeologists are on furlough and not contactable. Does anyone know an online site / group that might be able to advise?

Maybe a Facebook search would find you a local page?
Some contacts here (might respond to email): Council for British Archaeology | Join a CBA Group
And here:
Local Societies Archives - Current Archaeology

I’ve passed your suggestions on to my friend. Much appreciated- thanks.

Good responses are usually to found at active sites (few last year, some this)
Going here shows sites ‘near’ you and perhaps your friend. I know from experience that ‘finds specialists’ like contact with the public and are usually very responsive. Just go (5th to 16th July 2021)
here Battle Hill Prehistoric Landscape 2021 - Archaeological Fieldwork Opportunities Bulletin (AFOB)
or August 15, 2021 to August 20, 2021
Kigh's Park Enclosure 2021 - Archaeological Fieldwork Opportunities Bulletin (AFOB)
and ask or email Murray Cooke
Not every 2012 open site is advertised via the web.
There is a potentially useful contact page here with a direct F/book link

Thanks, My friend was trying to find someone local to Dundee who he could meet and get a rapid answer there and then. If no joy, he will join the modern world and try the links!