Association types

Just added an couple of entries (a grey heron eating a frog) when I tried to create the interaction the only option I was allowed was “associated with”. Don’t know if this is an error or a recent update has moved all the other types of interaction by design.

That is odd.
I got a choice a day or two ago with bee fly and grape hyacinth.

Several people have mentioned similar issues recently @Chris_Valentine might have a look at it again.

It works one way and not the other.
So I thought it might be wiser not to report this - so easy to add another problem when trying to fix the first.

I think this is my most recent one. I needed to choose the plant and not the bee to have a meaningful interaction

Please add a link to your observation - makes it easier for Chris to check

This is what I get:

Am wondering if this issue might be browser-dependent? I use Chrome.

Could be. Adding a link from flower to bee had the full range of options at (Eye of the day | Observation | UK and Ireland | iSpot Nature) but when trying to add an interaction from the bee (Bee 1 | Observation | UK and Ireland | iSpot Nature) associated with is the only option available.

Its going to be a difficult bug to track down as you can only apply associations between your own observations and what happens might be related to the groups the observations are labelled with.