Audio detection identification and monitoring of birds

Are there any groups specifically using audio for detection identification or monitoring of birds in UK , especially locally in Bedfordshire?

Most good birders do that.
Here’s a list of local contacts, someone there ought to help you

Do you mean specific devices that are left recording for long periods and automatically analysed, I think this is now being tried for various groups of organisms not just birds and bats.

Thanks. I will get in touch.

Coincidentally, an article in the latest British Wildlife magazine (32.3) reports on “The acoustic identification of small terrestrial mammals in Britain”:
“Small mammals are often recorded as by-catch during bat surveys, and here lies a potential non-invasive tool for surveying the small terrestrial mammals of Britain. Stuart Newson, Neil Middleton and Huma Pearce describe how they built an extensive library of native and non-native small mammal recordings, and then take a closer look at the distinguishing identification features of their calls.”

Thanks for getting back. I may do that later but I am just starting to get into this so am planning to do simple intermittent monitoring at single locations, including my own garden to start with to see how I get on. I am daily tracking (at dawn) which birds are present. I am also checking my judgements with the Cornell BirdNET app which seems pretty good. I have just bought a field recorder and will be doing more detailed frequency-time analysis of the audio data in parallel with photographic data. My enquiry was to see if there are others who are researching the use of ,or already using, audio data for bird monitoring (as opposed to linking to birders who also take sound recordings although more than happy to chat to them too) and to find out of there are any current audio based projects. I am at a very early stage but as I get good data, I plan to upload to Ispot, so hopefully that will lead to useful feedback.

I will take a look. I suspect that the world of natural sound (outside the obvious sound emitters such as bats and marine animals) has had little research done.

There is a group that provides support on it which was mentioned at the BTO’s annual conference. Cannot recall the details but I think all the talks are on their website / YouTube so if you take a look there and find the lecture about audio ID of birds you should get what you need.