Automatic identification on iSpot

There will be two more sessions looking at automated image identification on the forum. The teams of developers of the AI systems will be at these sessions, they have seen the questions from our earlier forum discussions and have responded to some of them already.

One of these sessions with Plantnet will be on 12 October in early evening. This is a chance to speak to the developers directly and perhaps get a deeper understanding of how AI works or how it may help distinguishing certain species.

A question I might have is whether the system can automatically detect the observation is of a moss or seaweed or something else that it does not know about and so not give any suggestions.

Issues such as not wanting the AI system at all on iSpot or being able to switch it off or how the suggestions are displayed is for the iSpot team rather than the AI developers. Some of this has already been aired and will be discussed again later.

Hope as many people as possible will join in the discussion. It is particularly interesting having both the plant AI system and the mammals and birds systems as they are different and can be used in different ways. Plantnet is already well established and generally very accurate, the other systems are new and still adapting to the species that turn up on iSpot.


If this is going to happen could we have a time please. My google calender has refused ‘Early Evening’.

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Dear all
Please join us for the Cos4Cloud iSpot User Group 2nd iForum LIVE! . As @miked said above, the focus of this session is: AI and iSpot: a spotlight on the [email protected] API.

This LIVE scheduled chat discussion with the [email protected] API development Team and iSpot Admin will be on Wednesday, October 12th 5:30 p.m. BST / 6:30 p.m. CEST at the link below:

We are looking forward to chatting with you then!

LIVE NOW!! Dear all, we managed to resolve earlier issues and the session is LIVE now, please do join us!! @ajoly from [email protected] is online with us!