Bee Mission - a good idea

Just heard about this on the radio - but seems there are quite a few reports.
This may be the first
Bee Mission
Home page
Meet the team (hope the link works)

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Great except:

It isn’t honey bees which are disappearing. It is wild species which need the help. Honey bees compete with wild pollinators.

More bee hives won’t solve the problems that Bee Mission identifies - pesticides, parasites and habitat loss.

Interesting about the wild bees - then I saw this UK charities condemn ‘betrayal’ of allowing bee-killing pesticide in sugar beet crops | Bees | The Guardian

Can you explain a little, please? I have read the Guardian article but I’m not sure what your point is.

I understood this to mean that someone is using insecticides that are bad for bees - yes?

Yes. Neonicotinoids have been an issue for many years, along with many other pesticides.