Being logged out

I never used to log out of iSpot but recently I’ve had to log in when I turn on the pc. This wasn’t a problem as my password is saved and it’s just a click away.
However, today the site is logging me out about every 10 minutes and it’s a bit frustrating when trying to an an observation.
Is this my fault or not?

That does not sound right, it should log you out after a period of inactivity not while you are still doing something. Hopefully Chris will comment.

Hasn’t happened this morning so far and I’ve been on here for at least an hour - so fingers crossed!

I think the auto log in cookie has stopped being sent.
An extra couple of mouse clicks are needed as a result of this with a time out of about half an hour.

I’m still permanently logged in. Possibly your browser privacy settings are set up to aggressively remove cookies - if so set up an exception for iSpot.

Suggest you log out then clear all cookies for the domain.

Thanks, Chris. Don’t appear to have the problem now.