Bioblitz Notification

There is a forum slot for Bioblitz, but how do I add to the list ?
The Marine Biological A. has one at Wembury in September 2019 that ispotters may be interested in.

What do you mean by ‘forum slot’? Normally I or the bioblitz organiser makes a project for the bioblitz, anyone can do this actually and it is a way of bringing all the observations together and putting a link to it can also alert people that it is coming up ahead of time

Thanks, Mike,
I’ll make a project.

If I recall correctly if you tag a post on the main site with the flag ‘Bioblitz - [name of event]’ (or something similar) then it automatically appears in the list of bioblitzes.

There are also projects as Mike points out which give you more control (anyone can add a tag to their post but I think you can control what gets into a project) but may involve more work (wouldn’t know I’ve never felt a desire to create one).

Thanks David,
I just wanted to give notification of a Marine Biological Association bioblitz in September 2019 in cas anyone is interested in attending. I’ll try your simple approach.