Bird Strikes on Windows

Are some species more likely then others to hit windows? At the moment, some of my wiindows are being hit almost daily by Siskins**. Wood Pigeons are another regular window striker (and leave wonderful dusty outlines.) On the other hand, Blue/Coal/Great Tits, Dunnocks, and Redpolls never seem to hit the windows.

** Usually with little apparent ill effect on the bird though this morning one male Siskin did sit around for half an hour looling rather the worse for wear. I’m not sure if, in the end, he flew off or fell victim to one of the neighbourhood cats.

I have had a wood pigeon hit the passenger side cab window of a small van wile stationary and waiting for on coming traffic. A foot higher there was clear air.
A good few years ago I had a wood pigeon hit the front window of a flat in town. It was in the doorway looking a bit beaten up. I left it for the foxes to clean up. A more recent one just got up again and flew away.
They do indeed leave a print of there faces and wings on the glass.

As far as I can remember the only bird that has struck our conservatory window was a male siskin. He wasn’t killed but he had blood around the base of his bill. After that, we put transfers on the windows - nobirds of prey to start with but more recently just abstract stickers. I’m not aware of any further airstrikes. I’ve got a photo of the Siskin somewhere, the poor thing doesn’t look a happy camper. I think it did fly off but I doubt if he survived for long.

My “favourite” was when I was staying at my parents’ house in Watford many years ago and came down one morning to find a complete imprint of a Tawny Owl in full flight with wings outstretched on the patio window. I have a photo somewhere and it looks very ghostly. Poor thing must have got a shock!

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The most angry glare we received was from a Sparrowhawk who flew into our glass kitchen door onto the garden. She was momentarily stunned, outraged, but ok, certainly well enough for all the sparrows roosting in the line of trees to remain silent for some time. Apart from that once, mostly Wood Pigeons.