Bolus herbarium

This should prove very useful when identifying SA flora. - it’s easy to navigate - just remember “…” to narrow searches down- and open image in a new tab to allow zooming.
Hoping this will foster more agreements /comments of my Peninsula observations as a start…
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This one is rather nice - collected in 1936 - spotted by me in 2006.Observation updated in 2024.

Another posted today from Cape of Good Hope [Da Gama Peak) taken in 2003.

Wonder if this will help with monitoring Climate change?

About the Herbarium
The Bolus Herbarium, established in 1865, is the oldest functioning herbarium in South Africa
With a collection of over 350 000 specimens, it is the third largest herbarium in South Africa and the third largest university Herbarium in the southern Hemisphere. The collection is recognized for its superb representation of the Cape Flora and the large number of type specimens housed.

Yes I think older herbarium records are being used quite a lot in looking at climate change.

Oh, I wish I was close to an Herbarium! As it is, I am close to the sea with Rocky Shores but there are no labels!

Are you not close to many herbaria now since so many are online.

No… I invented Virtual Observing in iSpot to no avail the tag now has 23 Observations
I want a man shoulder-bag, some sandwiches, a flask, a notebook, a special hat and an overnight pass

Maybe I’m missing the point here - but think you may be wanting to contribute?
On a number of occasions I went out with Priscilla (Prix on iSpot) and she made it all seem so easy,
Then, as Mike says there are many on line.
But look at the past history - many herbaria have started with a private collection.

The Linnaean Herbarium

Specimens from the Herbarium of Carl Linnaeus (1707-1778) held at the Linnean Society of London.
Needs the original name Linnaean Herbarium - The Linnean Collections

One I use quite a lot for ZA collectors - translates from the Swedish, but not all specimens have been

Not much here but there were specimens collected at the Cape when HMS HERALD was berthed in Simons’ Bay (Simon’s Town) and I think they are now lodged at Kew HMS Herald (1824) - Wikipedia
Link not working for Kew - Alas!!

There are 266 tagged observations in your project :arrow_forward:USING ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE for IDs