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Thanks, but Edward Grey was definitely talking about a plant.

Hammersmith Marshes was a classic entomological site.

Not all is lost. Last week I saw a kingfisher on the River Wandle. I stood on the pedestrian bridge and saw the blue gold flash land just outside the darked entrance to the bridge of Wandsworth High Street. It perched for say 30 seconds before flying under the bridge…. A magic moment. Photo has an arrow starting where I stood, pointing to the perching place.

Later… I have just come across this Photos of Kingfishers by the River Wandle in South London
And there’s a Kingfisher just posted by Aldcameron in the Forum post Members Wildlife drawings. Member Wildlife drawings - #50 by Aldcameron
Ispot is such a pleasure.

That’s interesting John (and thanks for the replies all). No illustration in the book but further to the London location you highlight, ‘Hounslow Heath’ is described in some detail. At one time apparently, this was a vast roadless piece of untamed habitat covering many square miles where highwaymen and criminals sought refuge and few visited.
The last tiny fragment of which, reportedly persists today as a golf course.