Botanical fun and games!

May be of interest


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Thank you Mark - Kew is one of my favourite places and one of the first on my list when lockdown lifts. And such an interesting mix of universities and botanical institutions competing for that prestigious title of BUC2021 champions this year! The OU are in there too! Really looking forward to this one! :smiley:

Wonder if they would accept an ispot team.

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Listening to the questions I suspect an ispot team would do quite well as it needs a broad knowledge not just detailed identification information.

I was amazed at the students’ knowledge - I fear many iSpotters are a little bit longer in the tooth

The questions in the later rounds were more tricky especially when they started asking about molecules and geology but still might have been able to do some of them.

If you’re short of academic botanists I might do as a substitute. But evaluation of that requires access to sample questions. (I found the final round from 2019 on YouTube, but the audio quality was bad, and I had difficulty hearing the questions and especially the answers.)