BROKEN LINKS in Admin Pages or Site Structure

Please add here any Broken Links in the form of iSpot URLs.
Like this

The Groups link is broken

Southern Africa Species Browser broken
Species Browser may go truly to only the Global one (CoL) so perhaps EACH community’s Browser should be linked

Have fixed the link so it now goes to

Hope I’ve got this right - but this link no longer works:
Go to the Threatened Species site
The link I chose as an example:
“Search for images of Lessertia frutescens subsp. frutescens on iSpot” gets this:
Is this their problem or iSpot’s?
Another - Lee Jones ‘Badges’ link corrupted.

Lee Jones badges seem OK to me, badges sometimes don’t initially show up then appear with a page refresh.
The threatened species site need to change the link to ispot, do you know anyone there would could edit their page, it just needs a small change to the url of ispot.
The ispot org za links issue should be in hand but seems to be taking a long time.

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I think Corinne Merry (cmerry) has contact with them - see her pictures there. I’ll try to mail her.

Broken -
• listed with more details
• My unread
• eight wildlife groups
• Changes area of My Spot
• My favourites.

I have redone the ‘exploring ispot’ page somewhat and removed a number of the links as they are now region dependent so it is not possible to put in a generic link.

You are a genius, thanks. Now fix it so we don’t see our OWN activity in our Changes Tracker - chus askin’

And now here
where this illustration needs amending. Perhaps you might reword the text a little (using the Drop-down) and emphasise the need to add ID text (removed illustration)

Have stuck in a different screen grab and modified text slightly, probably need to modify text further.

Thanks again, I see you’ve favoured Grass over Marine Algae - how COULD you!
Here next
Species dictionary feedback forum link will be difficult to correct, so perhaps remove. I have to wonder though, does anyone read that stuff?

Hi Miked, just seen the edited page. It reads well and should help people & I’ll pay better attention to the instructions myself. Useful to see the ‘last edited’ tagline at the bottom, as well.

Broken Links
• National Recording Schemes
• Local Records Centres

David Howden identified this bee but there is no likely banner. I’ve found a few Obs like this in the Inverts Without a Likely ID Project. Should we just agree them, this will generate a likely banner?

Furry bug (4 reads above). I fixed it. read my comment there.

In the Taxonomy table currently for Tussilago Farfara it show just one entry - Epiblema sticticana. This is a moth whose common name is Colt’s foot bell. The algorithm is ingenious, I’ll admit. There are two obs - this one is yours, miked.
Obviously a good way to get a botanist to look at a moth, but I’m not so easily distracted (well, I am, 'cos I’ve taken the time to log it here…)

yes, Mothing-ing is looking up a bit, there are only two in the ‘Help with’ Carousel chus now. But there are thousands of moths that deserve better treatment here which has only 16 views in the last two months.
Colt’s foot bell has no agreements for good reason
Hard to explain the difference tween GBIF and NBN records

My Tax Browser Jo. as you are browsing from Bristol, you ought to change communities!

i have NO idea how to locate Colt’s foot in the Global Community, I cannot find it in the Tax Browser and searching iSpot for Global occurrences is flawed. You are right though, most of the Algorithms are good here - searching is the PITS! No 8 here Improvements requested - the forgotten list?
Contact us is broken @miked

OK, done that one and it now works