BROKEN LINKS in Admin Pages or Site Structure

Hi Miked, just seen the edited page. It reads well and should help people & I’ll pay better attention to the instructions myself. Useful to see the ‘last edited’ tagline at the bottom, as well.

Broken Links
• National Recording Schemes
• Local Records Centres

David Howden identified this bee but there is no likely banner. I’ve found a few Obs like this in the Inverts Without a Likely ID Project. Should we just agree them, this will generate a likely banner?

Furry bug (4 reads above). I fixed it. read my comment there.

In the Taxonomy table currently for Tussilago Farfara it show just one entry - Epiblema sticticana. This is a moth whose common name is Colt’s foot bell. The algorithm is ingenious, I’ll admit. There are two obs - this one is yours, miked.
Obviously a good way to get a botanist to look at a moth, but I’m not so easily distracted (well, I am, 'cos I’ve taken the time to log it here…)

yes, Mothing-ing is looking up a bit, there are only two in the ‘Help with’ Carousel chus now. But there are thousands of moths that deserve better treatment here which has only 16 views in the last two months.
Colt’s foot bell has no agreements for good reason
Hard to explain the difference tween GBIF and NBN records

My Tax Browser Jo. as you are browsing from Bristol, you ought to change communities!

i have NO idea how to locate Colt’s foot in the Global Community, I cannot find it in the Tax Browser and searching iSpot for Global occurrences is flawed. You are right though, most of the Algorithms are good here - searching is the PITS! No 8 here Improvements requested - the forgotten list?
Contact us is broken @miked

OK, done that one and it now works

We thank you.
Spend a while here
Consider that it is years out of date and perhaps add a bold note explaining the Dictionary situation.
The CoL link, for example, takes us eventually to the CoL 2019, which is nothing like the one iSpot uses. Both the UKSI and SANBI might be similarly confusing. The links perhaps should take us direct to the relevant Dictionary, so we can search for up to date names at least. I am aware that (probably) few people use the help pages.
Within the whole of that Page are links that fail.
In Martin’s Opening para (7 years without an update) is Species dictionary feedback forum. That SHOULD give us all an opportunity to add names absent from the Dictionaries, IF it worked and IF there was a sacred place reserved for such issues. BOTH should be the case.
Here are useful direct Taxa SEARCH links
Can’t find a searchable SANBI whole-index, if there is one -,anyone?
SANBI Plants


The ID is for a Spider however the NBN’s Gateway for Pirata links to a Flycatcher bird.

Nice one Helen!
Pirata may refer to:

Pirata (album), a 1989 album by Litfiba
Pirata (footballer) (born 1987), a Portuguese footballer
Pirata (graphic novel), a graphic novel by Pol Medina, Jr
Pirata (spider), a genus of wolf spiders
Il pirata, an 1827 opera by Vincenzo Bellini
Marco Pantani (1970–2004), Italian cyclist, nicknamed Il Pirata
Is from Wiki which misses the opportunity to list the piratic flycatcher (NBN link)

The iSpot Taxonomy browser knows which one (in this case)
But the External links in the ID panel are silly.
There are actually 42 Other Obs of the genus only - all have the same External Link Flaws
Where it is IDd to Species, there is no External Flaw

GBIF knows the difference
If you ever get the opportunity to visit Flanders Moss, take it

Looking good @Janice_A @miked
But The Open University’s nQuire website, link doesn’t work on that page. within which Project Website does not work.

I have fixed the link on the ispot page


What about 5 bullet points in a central Panel on the Home Page - How to add an Observation?
A 6th one points them to their Changes Tracker.

I think this is perhaps a little too complex - see

Section 6 specially is causing a lot of problems and invalid panels.

I agree - but it could be revised (one of us could do it, though I couldn’t manage the professional graphics), and e-mailed by default to new users?

It’s actually a nice piece of work, specially useful as a handout and to sit beside a new user as they make their first ID.
“…e-mailed by default to new users” yes, emailed, as leaving Comments is proving a waste of time
There are only FOUR steps to making a successful Observation. And one to come back and see if anyone has added anything.

Ammophilia is a genus of wasps and grasses. This observation is for the wasp but the ID has changed the group from invertebrates to plants, and the links are for grasses.

This is another case where both the ICZN and ICN genera are in the dictionary, but iSpot gives no hint to the user which is which.