Browser searches

On Google Chrome at least the forum hijacks CTRL-F, so you can’t do a browser search on a page (unless there’s another way into the browser functionality).

Use the magnifying glass on the green ISPot Forum bar next to your topic and name.

I dont know how well it works - I have tried it a few times but not found what I was looking for. I dont know if it does just the page - I assumed it searched the entire forum.

What I was complaining about was that CTRL-F is equivalent to using the magnifying glass. I want CTRL-F to be different from the magnifying glass.The latter finds all forum entries (I don’t know whether this is threads or posts) which contain the search term. What I was trying to do was search through a particular page - in this instance I was looking to see how much the Like facility was being used, but you could also use it to refer back to messages earlier in the thread by a particular user, etc.

On most web applications CTRL-F means that the browser searches the rendered text, and the magnifying glass means that the server searches the underlying database and server pages.

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My control F is working fine at this very moment. Just found all instances of complaining on the page.

Cntrl-F only searches what is loaded, and I think this system only loads the latest replies. As you go up the timeline more content loads, so to search the entire page you have to move the timeline to the top first.

It’s now working for me. Strange.

I also have the nagging doubt that it was not working yesterday: but I was not certain enough to post it.

It’s back to hijacking CTRL-F. There must be some context-sensitivity.

mine is working fine. Must be something local.

Ctrl F seems to be working for me in uk on Firefox