BUG Identification

Appreciate for the assistance in identifying the bug in the attached photo and suggestion on how to get rid of them

Thanks in advance

Hi John
It’s generally better to post this as an observation in the main part of the site. More people will see it there: very few visit the forum.

I cannot see any cerci, so I don’t think these are cockroach nymphs. They look like Heteroptera - true bugs - in different stages of development. If so, they are completely harmless, they won’t come indoors, and you can ignore them - they’ll probably disperse of themselves.

Hi Thistle, appreciate for an instruction on how to repost this topic to the observation forum.

Bluebirdreseach, thank for the information. I showed the photo to Home Depot and they identified them as Elm seed bug. I would like to get a second opinions as they are nuisance . I sprayed bug product from Home Depot Around the house; but it does not work. I would like to prevent them from entering my house. Appreciate for any suggestions on how to get rid of them from all ispot viewers

Thanks all

Hi Johndo, you can add an “observation” here:
That would definitely attract more views than this forum and hopefully someone more expert in bugs (Hemiptera) who can identify them for you. I cannot say if they are elm seed bugs (but, if they are, they shouldn’t be a nuisance to you!). If they are still there, it would be good to see close-up photos of a couple of the bugs, a bigger and a smaller one. There are many species similar-looking species. But, as I say, I think they are probably plant feeders and will have no intention of coming indoors!