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False notifications

Forum. Once you go onto the Forum it is not obvious how to return to main site. On Android there is no way out…you are stuck on the Forum…FOR EVER!

It seems to do this if YOU make a change or add.

The forums are not part of iSpot and I dont know if the iSpot programmers can do anything about it if it is a bug.

Added to the bug catalogue as Bug#503

I dont use iSpot on my cell, so cannot explain exactly. More information is always useful.

On the PC the iSpot logo is above the forums and you can just click on that.

But note on the PC, if you click on the logo or the house symbol, it does not refresh your page: it will take you home if you are on another page, but if you are already home it will refresh once and then forever not refresh. I guess one is not allowed to refresh more than once. The programmers have decided!! Bug #453

Yes I discovered the ispot logo link eventually (on PC) but you don’t have that facility on Android version.

FLIKR Hyperlinks
https://www.ispotnature.org/communities/uk-and-ireland/view/observation/736382/yellow-fly See comments.

looks live in the preview, overruns the box. Fails!