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Of course if iSpot is now committed to being international in its scope it makes sense that it uses Lat/Long or some international system (What Three Words anyone?) in its underlying data. That said there are OS Grid Reference to Lat/Long converters that are very accurate and don’t introduce this level of distortion (although I am sure they inevitably introduce some) so this feels like it should be fixed.

I don’t think GROUPING is working properly. I recall that when we do not offer an ID, we HAVE to choose - that’s working.
But for the last few observations WITH an ID the Box is blank and asks for a Group, which is not available (it does not preselect). All is well when we save, it Groups properly.

Please consider CHANGING the Help confirm global observations to RECENT Global Observations. Include in this carousel ONLY Global (non UK) Observations.

Alternatively add a third Carousel

Ignoring questions of screen real-estate, I’d vote for the second alternative (3 carousels).

THANKS. There should be one modified Home page, do you think
A - the three Carousels and Where to you want to go?
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Just dreamin…