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Grid references change when posting observations

I think you might need to express what is required - do you want 10 fig OS Grid Refs? It is not actually a bug but a decision to allow only 6 figs.

No… whatever grid reference is typed in gets altered automatically by 1 digit so the grid reference is wrong.

A new one to me: I dont use grid references, so dont quite know what the problem is. Will post it as Bug # 502

If you can give a concrete example, and an observation where it is wrong, it would help please.

when looking through my spider project page 3, https://www.ispotnature.org/communities/southern-africa/view/project/548841/my-spiders/observations-gallery before the images are revealed I see one ob on the top line(currently 2nd from right) is represented by an iSpot symbol while all the others are inverts https://www.ispotnature.org/communities/southern-africa/view/observation/460712/mma-spider-mates-again

yes, it’s a good way to spot anomalies but you have to be sharp to get a screen dump
I think there’s another fn the previous page.

OK I hate this!! If you click with the mouse-wheel-click on the pictures it opens up the same page again!!! HORRORS!!!

it should open up the observation in the new window, not the same page URGGGGGGGGG!!!

If yo refresh the page you show, then it becomes page 1 again!!!


Might it be that it has an interaction?

Need more examples to debug this. But it is not an issue really, as the observation belongs to the invert group and is behaving itself.

Intriguing, but not an issue?

NOT compared to the REAL Issues. It’s a shame to see you so upset
‘Did you know you can Drop Pix into this space?’
Oh dear, we have gone off-topic! It’s certainly my fault,
G Bugs Alphabetical G

I know. Bliss!!!

(edited: I dont need 15 characers if I quote you!!! - add it to the workarounds???). ::grimacing::

2 examples:
if I type the grid ref as ST592751 and then enter it changes it to ST591752
and if I type the grid ref as ST5975 it changes it to ST589750
It also inserts spaces so it will actually become ST 592 751 although this is not the issue (it still does it if I put the spaces in)

Trees are Other Organisms

Animals are Other Organisms

Fish are Other Organisms

Insects are Other Organisms

But Birds are Birds - Animalia / Chordata / Vertebrata

I’m tired anyone else…?


This is obviously Crucial @Tony_Rebelo. I don’t use Grid Refs though they are in all my Obs. Do you need further evidence? I can do some tests with Screen-prints.

The thing is under the old website it remembered your locations (and zoomed in to that spot) so you didn’t need to enter a grid ref again (unless to change location slightly). Now because locations are not remembered it is quicker and easier to type in a grid ref than to zoom in on the map to that exact location. That is why I type in a grid ref.

No: this is good enough to log the bug. The programmers must work out what exactly the problem is and fix it. Clearly it is not working as expected, and secondly not recording the correct locality and thirdly the error is likely to be missed by most users who will post the corrupt data without realizing that it is not what they entered…

logged as a bug.

Note that your birds has been agreed to, and the AGREEING has re-assigned it to the correct group.
But agreeing to Insecta or Fish stays as “OO”.

But note: https://www.ispotnature.org/communities/uk-and-ireland/view/observation/736132/a-few-animals
is sort of “correct”: Animalia is not a {Bird, Herp, Mammal, Fish, Invertebrate or Other Organism} but a higher classification of all of them, and thus cannot be classified as any. When identified the observation will have to be one of these, but at this level of ID it is none of them, but a higher order not catered for on iSpot, so strictly it should be “unassigned”.

Birds - yes, I noticed the change. But see what’s happening to Likely. It IS true, Aves is Likely but now we ‘experts’ have waded in, Likely should move. (oh, Christine’s vote is the 'force’, I see)
Animalia is not difficult for a Dictionary to define as meaning Animal, whether it’s a deep ocean-hydrothermal animal or a Human. Speaking of which it is now easy to test what iSpot will do, without having to place a picture or description - just add a Scientific name to see.

I’d change that to Woman (just cussédly) though!

I’ll dispute that, as Other Organisms seems to be reserved for Viruses, Bacteria, fossils and the completely unfathomable, though Novices here often use it for anything they can’t identify.

A possibility is that it is converting GRs to latitude and longitude for storage, and then converting back for display purposes, with rounding errors in either or both directions.