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Logging on. Always when going on the site on Android an Error message appears saying “invalid or missing token”. I am still searching for my missing token. Has anyone seen it. I don’t even know what it looks like.

Thanks. Added to bug catalogue as Bug #504 - see https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1XihfQSBIHnU9E55bPzkiewxphOMZYDVBeemes4XhRgk/edit#gid=0

LEPIDOPTERA as an ID is causing quite a few problems, iSpot has ALWAYS seen it as an Other Organism.
We are forced to use Heterocera for Moth and Rhopalocera for Butterfly if we cannot name a Family. Neither of those appear in the taxonomy tree nor in the Species Browsers. I suspect few iSpotters have ever IDd as either. But there is an increasing number of Lepidoptera IDs.

DO click on the Bug Sheet in the comment above. Only 2 have ever opened it from here.
A sheet like this is also available for the UK Community - they were created by TESTERS in the run-up period to the messy 2017 Recode,

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The Likely Banner
Write code to STOP the Likely Banner being awarded to INvalid IDs.
This will force us to find ways to validate an Observation with either the Dictionary alternative (synonym) to the ID or using the Family or Genus only, to form the Panel.
Of course, this is linked to the over-riding need to UPDATE the DICTIONARIES