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We are going to hate this when (if ever) we get Notifications of new Comments back

The algorithm which awards the Likely Banner to the highest Scoring ID is sometimes faulty.
This particularly applies to high reputations 4 & 5 icons and Knowledgeables.
It is a bit heavy with Experts, who are probably too difficult to out-repute
Generally it works well in the lower reputation cases. But it needs checking for flaws and smoothness.
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It’s the Devil in me, sorry!

It doesn’t seem to be consistent as to what it does when @Jo_Parmenter and I put in different identifications.

I’ve noticed that too. Maybe it lets us take turns…

Is it possible that scores for the precise Taxa are taken into account?

Here’s an interesting one. the score is identical, no-one else is implicated.
The algorithm has chosen the right one but WHY.
I would always expect a second ID from the same person to carry more weight (it should).
Is there intelligence, somewhere in iSpot?

maybe because the 1st ident was more specific - ISpot might not recognise individual names and just be going on reputations and first ID appears more precise implying that identifier more knowledgeable???