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Searches disfunctional

Is this a misplaced Tony? a reply to Thistle perhaps? or Even Andrewm? If so perhaps delete it?
though SEARCHES are Dysfunctional
PS[quote=“Andrewm, post:4, topic:271”]
I put it there
OK I understand - sorry, I was careless

No, I put it there. Under “Searches”

Searches dysfunctional.

Bug Orkney #1
Bugs: #231-#247

And this might interest you:

Another S bug: Species Dictionary. Lots of issues here with some strange options which include synonyms (?) and subspecies without giving you option to just select species without specifying subspecies.
Example: I couldn’t select Ononis repens but there is a bizarre collection of other options some of which will turn into Ononis repens if you select them.

Searches still dysfunctional.

I searched for a gall wasp and got a tree - the tree almost certainly has galls but they aren’t mentioned in the observation!

And there was me thinking that I was dysfunctional…
Google finds you but the link is a lost cause!

Sigh … 3 months of a degraded site. Will we ever get a decent site?

How on earth did it come to this? Inexcusable. Despicable! Unfogivable. How can we ever trust the Open University going forward?

Searches very disfunctional. Can’t find a bloody thing. I typed in “Aizoon sarmentosum” and got directed to page 4000 and something, which didn’t have it at all !! Am I to look through the other four thousand pages to find what I want? Its easier to go out of i-spot to google and find what I am looking for there.

Today the site was supposed to be AGAIN opened to Google.

Some programmer decided to use Google as the search engine for iSpot, and then decided not to allow Google to index iSpot. Go figure?
And you wonder why the site is so bug ridden and hardly works?

Sigh … 3 months of a degraded site. Will we ever get a decent site?

from bad to worse
yesterday I spent 3 hrs trying to load an ob with 10 images and an interaction, I failed miserably. Among the annoyances was images failing to complete there loading - I even took a 20min tea break for one of them. Initially I did get 10 images loaded but the image timer just kept revolving although there was no grey incomplete image, I abandoned that attempt after about 10 mins and then decided to load a few images and save then edit but couldn’t do that either. This morning I’m managing to load 1 image at a time https://www.ispotnature.org/communities/southern-africa/view/observation/749921/a-family-affair

and as for the interaction

the process is abysmal, firstly having to start again and painstakingly put in the location from scratch, then once the new ob is created - how to link it with the first ob?
The wording to describe the interaction is not helpful, which ob is doing what to who?
then to enter the interacting ob - ok there’s a space so copy in URL -WRONG, there’s no prompt but what they actually want is for one to click in the empty bar - so obvious! which I did more or less by accident, I think I was just thumping my keyboard in frustration and low and behold a list of obs appeared, presumably anything that had been posted within 20m of my first ob

S is for Systematic Failure.
This might be my last comment in the Forum; well, until my brain itches so much that I really HAVE to say something.
I am busy with other things but have taken to iNaturalist quite well, or maybe it has taken to me (and @Tuli and @others)
Someone, somehow, let me know when iSpot is back
Yours defiantly https://www.inaturalist.org/observations/8327118

I don’t regret writing that but i never left or, if I did, it was only for a few days. Everyone should look at iNat. it is full of sophistication and many complexities that are hard to fathom - it is not an easy place for beginners.
But then, for beginners, neither is iSpot.
So please watch out for them and S is for Support (and encouragement) - yes?