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U All bugs beginning with U.

URLs are hopelessly long.
Why so long

why not (if the number is unique)
or if it is not

URLs and Titles - is the same as
And - is the same as

Not sure why iSpot adds the last bit to URLs. It doesn’t actually use them

is indeed

it is also

so the last bit really does nothing (unless it is being used behind the scenes to track where the link originated in some way)

OK yes… there is a difference in the way they are displayed here - the FULL URL displays the graphic in the link, the reduced one does not (BOTH are seen above). It is worth considering each method in the quest to either get the illustration seen or just linked. The latter saves space on the server perhaps. I have taken to removing the graphic link in lapsed Forum posts but it is impossible to edit them after a certain period (I don’t know that period, but it may be only a month)