The title of my project should be “Wildlife at St Mary’s Loch Sailing Club”.Instead it now shows as “Wildlife at St Mary_&_#3_9;_s Loch Sailing Club” but without the " _ " characters. The hex version of the ASCII character is rendered correctly here but not in the actual project title.

That could be a migration problem, or a display problem. If the former, you can presumably correct it by editing the title.

Tried editing. It still rendered the apostrophe in Hex.

OK, probably a display problem.

A bug. (Tuli_120717_#2)

The title has to go into the url on the new iSpot (and the old). But an apostrophe is not allowed as a url - so iSpot converts it into the ascii code.

On the old iSpot the apostrophe was just omitted from the url. On the new iSpot the ascii code is inserted into both the title and the url.

dejayM has identified my feelings exactly - although I hadn’t realised it:I feel that I’m not able to contribute as I used to (not always to great effect - not always correctly identifying things, but contributing to the site, as some sort of recompense for free access to a wonderful learning tool.
I also realise that I feel ashamed on behalf of the iSpot IT engineers. As well as site-specific FUBARs (such as the loss of notifications), there are fundamental, simple errors that even someone with my limited, self-taught programming skills would be embarrassed at making.

Pretty flower, poor show (reported as an error 8 June)

GOOD effort Tony

Ispot and OU should be very worried. Looking at the two trends after Sept 2014 the ZA total is impacted much less than the Rest of the world total. This is despite many additional potential issues in SA (often slow and unreliable bandwidth and dictionary issues). Were will Ispot be in 10 years time?

Why should they be worried - THEY are not users, what’s the loss of a few moaning critics going to mean to the OU, even isPOT? How do they know how dissatisfied we are?
May I suggest that you take your protest a little nearer the heart of isPOT? to Observations. THEY won’t see them but the protest will be outside this Forum
See my https://www.ispotnature.org/communities/uk-and-ireland/view/observation/733660/sour-grapes

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It is not just a “…few moaning critics”. It is about the loss of 8000 to 10 000 observations each month from the UK alone. It could have been 20 000 per month. Instead they are struggling to reach 2000. Why? You can estimate the missing data of 2017. Funding agencies will look at this numbers and reject the next funding. How can Ispot survive in the next 5 or 10 years? Is it likely?

I have and I know - honest Robert, But we are having NO observable effect on the people who control how isPOT runs.
We must shift the protest from the Forum as there are almost NO reassuring posts from Admin here - the last announcement was 15 days ago Re iSpot changes - from the iSpot Team .And there has been one “minor code update” which didn’t work. ðerek

This does not look good. Can you tell me who is responsible for Ispot after Jonathan Silvertown left. Is there anything like a board or advisory committee?

@miked Our UK Curator frequents these pages https://forum.ispotnature.org/u/miked/summary
Others are on our case but the route to those who really control how isPOT works is greyed-out - as they say!

one of my project titles now has the addition of " & # 39;s " (my quotation marks and with no spaces) the map area has also been expanded

You can edit out the apostrophe and amend the Map via edit. Take care - ANY Edit will only accept 10 Project Pix and you will lose any HTML text you’ve added. I have had to redo my projects because ALL the layout and links were burned by the recode.
This is locked out? https://www.ispotnature.org/communities/southern-africa/view/project/559270/my-noctuoidea (my-noctuoidea)

I find the search function frustrating or not working at all. I was unable to find a an obs using the taxon name. And what came up is 404 PAGE not found …

404 is common - many (most) links from the better days are broken but some posts have been removed so cannot be found in searches.
I had trouble with search. Observations are found via this Tab.

Thanks. However, a 404 should not be the result of mere days old obs. The other tab, users, is not working at all.

Only the ALL tab is working properly!

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