Bugs in bed can you identify them?

Hello all,
Hopefully you can help me identify a few bugs I have seen. We are in a National Trust cottage adjacent to a field with sheep and cattle.
The last two nights as I read a book to my son at bedtime in his bedroom while I noticed that in the spare bed I was in there were 3 little insects moving around. They weren’t too fast so I could track them and take a couple of pics attached.

Any ideas what they might be? They seem different enough from bed bugs to me. I do not notice any stripes on them. We had the windows open and they lights on so they might have flown in even though I did not see them flying or attempting to. as a matter of fact I am a bit puzzled as to where they come from. As I was toying with two of them a third one appeared as if by magic.
Please help, I wonder whether it is ok for my son to sleep in that room now. I think so but I’d like to understand what these things are.
Thank you.

Here is another picture, the colour in the first one appear darker than it actually is, it is a dark brown sort of.

This picture was taken after I squashed them.

They are beetles and completely harmless to humans. They won’t bite or sting. Perhaps they are wood-boring beetles, or inhabit thatch or similar, depending upon the age or type of the cottage, or perhaps they’ve been attracted to lighted windows. If you see others, it would be more humane to just pop them out the window; they can be safely handled.

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Nice observation bralim (and welcome) Excellent response from Bluebirdresearch.
Best put this is an Observation on the main site, it WILL attract more interest.
Begin HERE https://www.ispotnature.org/add/observation - you may have to register.

Thank you. You are right, better out the window, that’s what happened to some of their mates before them. These ones got caught under my weight unfortunately.
I would guess they are wood boring, I saw a lot of them near window hinges (of wooden windows).

Sorry, I wasn’t sure whether my silly question could go under observations, thank you for letting me know.

Hello, Really interesting observation and I hope the responses mean you and your family can enjoy the rest of your holiday.

They do indeed reassure us it is ok for my son to sleep in there. Thank you.

At first glance I thought Carabidae but a bed would be an odd place to find them. Maybe Salpingidae.

They are all over the bed and the night table, I think they might be coming from the night table. We seldom see them during the day and they generally appear in the evening but not necessarily in darkness. I have found a few on me so they do not seem to worry about us being around. They are not as dark as they look in the pics, more like a darkish brown.