Bumblebee for id

A cuckoo- Bombus Bohemicus?

I’m only allowed to post one image as a new user- more to follow.


NW Worcestershire, 3 August 2018.


The forum isn’t intended for posting observations. You should use Add Observation (where more people will see it)


You can track responses with Activity Changes (under Your iSpot)


Very nice pictures.
Is it true that new users can only post one? @miked

I think there are restrictions on what happens in the forums to reduce the chances of large amounts of spam appearing from a new person.

Discourse documentation (has anyone here got to TL3 Regular?)

I didn’t even know there were Discourse Trust levels. I’m probably at level 2, not T3. something more to aim for - that is, if iSpot is operating Discourse. Mike may know…

Yes the forum is in Discourse software

I suspect we need to be awarded T3 as opposed to earn it.
I think I’ve earned it but I am tired… Ha!