Bumblebee video

I can’t send this on I spot nature cause I don’t have any photos of the Bumblebee so I thought I’d share the film with everyone here. I have muted the video cause Mum called me saying it’s time to go before I finished filming so you won’t hear anything when you watch it but you will see the Bumblebee I might give some tips on filming them here too if anyone would like it but I thought Id send the film here for everyone to watch that I filmed from the field

Click Bumblebee so you can view it in full screen then once you clicked full screen on you tube press play so you can see the video in full screen otherwise you cant see the video properly

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Please let me know if it’s bad quality cause for some reason it wasn’t processed very well so once you press it it could be sharp or it could be fuzzy. The actual video itself is sharp and you can see it but once it was sent on you tube the quality was ok sometimes whereas other times it wasn’t so please let me know if the quality isn’t very good cause it’s supposed to be in good quality