BUZZ pollination of Orpheum frutescens

Watch the BBC video which explains the mechanism
Bee with Stamen - How to Grow a Planet - Episode 2 - BBC Two

THEN check this photo taken at Cape Point - note that the pollen has been released through the small holes at the tips of the anthers

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Remarkable although I think I have seen somethign like this before with other anthers, can’t remember which species.

The presenter means “ no other plant THAT WE KNOW OF has developed the mechanism.

(Pressed “reply” too soon). However this is an excellent post to share, M, and from your part of the world.

I heard about this from this month’s Friends of the Cape of Good Hope newsletter, following their monthly walk.
I see that they have posted other observations on their Facebook page.
Love the shot of oystercatchers, and the Eiland.

There’s an Eiland that wanders in and out of the gardens at Stofbergsfontein (West Coast National Park).