Can we see our own gallery of photos we have posted?

I had a feeling I used to be able to see these (my photos of posted insects) all at once in a gallery (or by scrolling), a bit like on Instagram - but I seem to have lost ability/forgotten the way to do this. Help appreciated, thank you… (I can go to my posts, one at a time…):slight_smile:

If you just want to view your own gallery then and Observations/Map/Gallery.
If you just want to see your Insects you can make a Project with filters. You cannot Filter for ‘Insects’
Take a look at
This would require you to add a personal Tag to all the Insect observations you want to see in your gallery.
Adding tags is done via edit (each Observation), make it simple but unique, not one that someone else might use; CCinsect, say
Your user-name and the Tag are both required in the Filters. No map, no Groups, nothing but user name and tag
If you want to progress with a project, start one and we will guide you

Thank you so much for a prompt response. I can’t seem to get anywhere when I add Observations/Map/Gallery to the url I reach when I click your link. Am I missing something, please? To see all pics in my own gallery is really what I want to do initially. Thanks again…:slight_smile:

You need to be logged in to the main ispot (not just the forum) then click on then once you are there click on the ‘observations’ tab. This gives you a list of your observations. If you want to see these in a gallery of photos click on the ‘view on map’ button, you will then see your observations on the map and if you click on the gallery tab these observations will be shown as a gallery of photos.

You can get it using filters. Essentially filter the observations (Explore Community - Observations - List - Filter Community Observations - Enter your username in the Filter by User: Users: box). They you can save the filter and it will be available in the future under [Your name] - Your iSpot - Filters tab.

Thank you so much: it took me a couple of attempts, but got there following your route… and hope to again. Such a help to see what I have already seen and posted. :slight_smile:

Thank you, DavidHowdon, very much for this… I plan to try this in due course once I feel a bit more au fait with the workings of the site - miked’s method seems to be working well for now. :slight_smile: