Challenging and/or interesting plant observations

Yes, interesting. Traces of it should be in the Tracker. If it has been removed, even by mistake, say via ‘Inappropriate’ there will be no trace. However if you search the Web for (precisely) “unknown-plant-the-one-with-the-cell-like-leafs” (in quotes) then one entry comes but is inconclusive (and annoying!). If you then switch to Images (search Google Images say) you get THIS (forum) entry only, so yes it is suffering from a breakdown. In the microsecond before producing the 404 error, something is revealed so it has caught a cold but it just may be hiding…
Searching iSpot for 760577 (the post number) suggests it’s ‘gone’
760576 is 6 May 2018
760578 is 6 May 2018
You did not create an Observation 6 May - your forum Item is 6 May

When is a flower a moth?
I chose the drop down name for this flower which I know as Rest Harrow; however, there is a moth with the same name. My plant is now an invertebrate. And there is another in other observations. Anyone able to add a revised identification?

Ha, that’s happened to me twice before (different Organisms) - I’ve left a note.
The other Ob. now needs an agreement.

Glad to find you here Tony - What can we do with this one?
My ID was correct at the time, but you changed it by adding a var and now it’s lost from the dictionary. Rather a pity seeing the Redlist has it as “Critically Endangered”

I have been reviewing my own observations on iSpot and slowly posting quite a few more - and at the same time I often see other posts which I suspect are incorrectly identified. I’m not really keen to change these, especially where they have been agreed by others? Then there are some really terrible photos and others with no supporting information.
Confusing though - are the 2000 previously unidentified or are some of these corrections; then how many are just name changes?
Also - made me smile and wondering what iNat would do with CREW members who post more than one ID, each time claiming “I’m as sure as I can be” and no links to suggest why.(Saw one with THREE this week)
I guess the SA Lichens will also be a problem on iNat - I did a test (in the dark days) when Tony first suggested moving, and all I got was a response that changed my lichen to fungus - Better the devil you know.!!

INat doesn’t any smoother.
One proposes an ID, with a picture, No notes of course.
What follows usually is that someone either agrees or proposes the same ID or perhaps another.
People RARELY say why they have proposed another.
BUT, you know, that is the same throughout Spot
Few people justify their IDs whether they are absolutely certain or not certain at all (it might be this). Few users in iSpot offer supporting links or attempt to discuss the subject of their assertions. I often ask for more information - I am often ignored!
The majority of posters in iSpot simply add a picture, sometimes with an ID but usually without descriptive or ID notes.
An, you know, some people don’t even add a picture. This is from my current project, it is a three-day window in October 2012

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And I’ve just found another
But it may be from the dark days - not much to go on.

Another incorrect ID problem - I can’t trump this - so it will be lost together with our Lost sheep.

PROBLEM SOLVED by reposting with a returning link

Mentioned this one elsewhere:

I have swapped it back again - the species doesn’t seem to be in dispute and if you don’t think the var is needed./ appropriate then I am sure you are correct: it should at least be find-able now

1 Like This is a name change Jo. Worthy of your support and you could swing it One would hope)

Thanks to you both.
Then, I posted a moth today - and found out (thanks to iSpot) that it’s a pest - sadly we just sent it on it’s way - out of the window.

This fern is in UK Invertebrates without a likely ID. It needs an ID/ agreements to change the group.

Terry Crow’s cotton-grass is in Invertebrates. Anyone able to help?

Another ob’ from the UK Invertebrates Without a Likely ID Project. This one is a fruit tree.

Old observation with a probably incorrect likely ID.

I saw what I suspect to be a Calamagrostis on Monday; when looking for observations of such I found this, which I also suspect to be a Calamagrostis, but can’t yet identify to species.

sorted :slight_smile:

Are these Inverts really Plants?
This observation from 2010 is in the Unidentified Inverts project - can anyone confirm if the leaf damage was caused by an insect. See comments. If not, I think it would be appropriate to identify it as a plant?

Is this a seed or a scale insect?

Another - passion fruit?

Helen is fronting a VERY small team who are wading through these two projects (Unidentified Inverts).
I am playing my very small part but finding a lot of delights.
Here’s a true Invert, a lovely, quality ID and photograph from a user who ‘lasted’ only two months in 2010.

Perhaps read my comment?

I came across Mick E Talbot’s project link in some of his observations in the Unidentified Inverts project. In February 2016, Mick created a project - Help with IDs - UK & Ireland Community - Plants. The purpose ‘To identify all plants on iSpot with a likely identification’. Some have IDs but just not likely ones and need agreements or a revised identification. Today, Tuesday 26 Feb, there are 1636 observations in the project. If anyone wants to have a look / help, click on this link.

With so few observations it seems the Plant Community is working really well and successfully.
It is not as easy to add very High-Taxa ID to plants but Families may be good enough for the difficult ones.
6250 to go in Inverts!..