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the date it was promised to be brought back was between 29 August and 12 of September…

Aye, but which year? As has happened in the past we are getting little or no information from the iSpot team. It really wouldn’t take much effort from them to make the wait much easier for us.


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this year (they said 6 to 8 weeks. Yes, they have been completely disrespectful. Many people are waiting patiently (including myself). But I think I’m going to take my data elsewhere, I had hoped they would get their shit together.


I gave you a like button because I am feeling the same way. I am seeing many people have been waiting patiently since July with THE ADMINISTRATORS BEING F<<<ING UNBELIEVABLY DUMB in all senses of the word. I am pissed. It’s a classic in how to alienate people and lose respect for the admins. Regretably, it is still the best forum for novices to get expert help. If there was a decent alternative, I think this site would be dead. Perhaps its time for SA to cut its ties and go it alone. The First marriage was bad and this, the second iteration, is a god-awful cock-up!!!

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I would be all behind this, a site that SANBI can host, keep updated and make improvements-with active researchers and users involved in the decisions. But do we have the capacity?

We need something that can merge all these separate SA citizen science initiatives, that will attract experts to contribute. If this is not possible then the next best option for me is to contribute to iNaturalist-which is quickly overtaking iSpot (on the herp front at least).

on the surface it seems a very desirable option but does SANBI have the capability and the funding required - I have no idea. What’s happened to Tony, is he keeping a low profile or has he abandoned ship?

He’s just been in the field. Will be back next week

Thanks, there’s still a glimmer of hope then

I am devastated. Away for 3 weeks and on return discover that NOTHING has happened in 3 weeks!

Will request some information from OU!

SANBI is keen to have its own site. BUT: little resources! We dont have the servers, and it will take a year to write a southern African version of iSpot, if we can find the money.
And then, how do we get our data back?

Any ideas??

Perhaps another 3 week break somewhere Tony?
IF only someone would make an announcement. To be honest I am buying myself in some hitherto unexplored corners of is Pot. But it’s quire wearing.
errr… welcome back anyway!

If only!!

please look out for (and capture)


Ispot to Janice A
Time to ask for an extension?
Note that it is common practice to apply for an extension (with motivations) before the indicated period passes.

@dejayM please stop commenting on

I have to press show more comments 11 times to read the conversation - this is simply stupid and ridiculous.

Why do they put a limit of 10 on the comments. Why not just show them all? What are they thinking?

For ZA:
there are 310 000 observations:
2479 (0.8%) have 10 or more comments.
291 (0.09%) have more than or 20 comments

Now the odds are if a user is going to open these few observations, he is going to want to see the comments. So he will open all of them, resulting in 11 server calls where one would have solved the problem.
But the users will be as frustrated as hell, versus with one call - a very happy user!

it is even worse if you post a comment (you go to the top of the page and your reply or comment goes to the bottom), or visit the observation from your CHANGES TRACK: Expect pure frustration!

Clearly the programmers are not thinking things through.

Take away the stupid restriction on comments displayed per observation.

OK, sorry; but you added one after mine! so what did I have to do 11 times?. There are a lot of Changes flags going out for that one - pity ANYONE who wants to stay informed
.[quote=“Tony_Rebelo (again), post:53, topic:79”]
Clearly the programmers are not thinking things through.[/quote]
That can’t be true. They are being advised by someone and not being criticised when things aren’t right.
I will write this over and over again there needs to be TWO WAY comms with Code Writers

There probably is!!

There needs to be two ways comms between users and code writers

Changes tracker - well, it was good while it lasted.
I now see that unutterably annoying Android-style stuttering “spinner” when I click on the header, but sod all else happens, either on the PC or the Android tablet. (I’ve pretty much given up on the latter, due to the inevitable “unresponsive script” errors that appear at randon after a few minutes use, but for the sake of confirming that it also fails here, I tried once more.)

Works for me. Sometimes. This is what I get:

Amazing: I have 59 000 observations, 27 000 IDs, 78 000 agreements and I have been given 29 000 agreements, and iSpot reports that I have no Track Changes.

(Must be a lot: my profile is still loading after 50 seconds, oh, reloaded in 6 seconds third time around - sorry: I refuse to wait longer than 50 seconds).

But thanks for the reminder: must post it as a bug - number 573 …