Changes Tracker anomaly

According to the changes tracker @mags49 made two comments at Silhouette 1 | Observation | UK and Ireland | iSpot ( but only one is visible.

Yes indeed! I am ashamed to say I made so many pyots in the fist verions that I ‘inappropriated’ it, with an apology to whomever sorts these things, and made the same comment again, this time with fewer errors I think. I make more mistakes these days!

I think I emailed this rather than putting it here in the forum - another mistake maybe :frowning:

I haven’t received an email.

The question to ask now is why “inappropriated” comments show up on the changes tracker.

Pyots had me guessing for a while - but I make more myself nowadays.

Yes, of course. I don’t know but they always have, at least since I became aware of them. I suppose it’s the reason sometimes people say in another comment that they’ve removed one of them. You see this issue best in the case of recycled or multi commented projects, of course, where the comment number can be massive but only a few remain after some clearing and tidying - for ease of access to recent comments OR maybe because comments were relevant to previous incarnation of the project rather than the current one.

The conventional misspelling, at least in the circles I travel, is tyops.

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The pyots sailed over my head and landed in the bushes. I’d guessed they were not magpies, piebald horses, or a (Dictionaries of the Scots Language) ‘farm-hand who stands on a corn stack and passes the sheaves from the forker to the builder’.
Coffee helped.
But I’ve noticed before that there is a time gap between comments being posted (and notified in the Tracker), and becoming visible. A pause for review, perhaps?